Angel On Earth

People say they have never seen angels. Not only have I seen one but I have spent 20 years of my life with him.
Not only have I lived with him but I have grown up under his hand.
Not only have I grown up under his hand but I have witnessed his greatness, sweetness and absolute selflessness.
Not only have I witnessed this but I have seen his faith tested.
Not only have I seen his Faith but I have seen him stand firm as a mountain.
Not only have I seen him stand firm but I have witnessed his strength.
Not only have I witnessed his strength but I have seen him happy through his high and lows.
Not only have I witnessed him satisfied through thick and thin but I have been amazed by his absolute patience and love

That angel is none other than my very own Father.
Sir Uzair Saleem You beautyyyy!



Being ‘Genuine’ has no room in this World.
You have to fake yourself, mould and mend ways.
Genuineness is like an open treasure trunk in the middle of a crowd.
Everyone stops, looks, praises, steals his part and moves on.


What life is about,
The heat and the pain,

The love without a doubt,
Except the trees and the rain,

The joy and the shout,
The crazy and the sane,

The smile and the pout,
The loss and the gain,

But when the time runs out,
It all goes In vain.

A Fool’s Jurry

Human nature is really pathetic. All everyone does is judge another. Even the biggest terrorist or a mass murderer would judge another person. He’d still think of himself as innocent while some innocent guy is worse than him. You can’t help it. You simply can’t.

But there are people who no matter may be pious and noble but wouldn’t judge a terrorist. They’d be like that no it’s his business and that GOD knows better.

For God’s sake people start minding your own business. You won’t be answering for anyone but yourself.  Stop judging people.  It’s their right what they do with their lives and what they want to do. You don’t get even the slightest to say in it.
Stop judging or a day will come when you will be lost and trapped inside your piety little heart and you’d envy everything what you used to judge and criticize about other people.

Sometimes things are not the way they seem to be.
Sometimes the rash driver you see might be hasting to the hospital not a rich man’s son.
Sometimes in life a big house is a necessity not a luxury.
Sometimes holding hands is love not lust.
Sometimes a person you see, goes out once in a blue moon not daily.
Sometimes a person is saving you not lying.
And sometimes the failed student is an artist not a doctor.

Capping on,
This is,
Zaid Saleem.

Music & Passenger


There’s music that simply takes you out of the world,
There’s music that shackles you into memories,
There’s music that helps you get over memories,
There’s music that helps you with your thoughts,
There’s music that makes you forget about everything
and lightens you up
And then there’s music that you simply find beautiful,
The melody, The symphony, The rhythm and The mesmerizing
instruments, simply BEUTIFUL.

What I feel when I listen to passenger, Even though I Don’t listen him quite often but when I do I simply feel absolutely satisfied. Many get me often too close but no one has this many levels.

You start listening and you absolutely love the lyrics, message and philosophy, Then you love the sweet melodious voice singing the lyrics, It reminds you of your memories, It helps you get over them, Then it takes you to the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of his music and you’re stunned and enjoying the music,

And after a while you’re lost in thoughts of your own not consciously listening the song yet it is the one compelling and driving your thoughts. And when you realize that ouh did I just missed the song? I know too much thought on a song but it’s his music that shackled me in my thoughts, couldn’t share all of them but here’s the driving force enjoy people!

“And if we all light up,
We can scare away the dark”

Capping on,
This is,
Zaid Saleem.

Darkest Before The Dawn

“When you try your best
But you don’t succeed”

There comes a moment when you’ve given everything all your soul and your heart to one particular thing or person.
You have devoted your self towards it and you just struggle and struggle, you build it up, you water it and you do every possible thing to make it work.
But at the end of the day all that struggle and work is dust traded.
You got nothing in reward you’ve lost everything ,all that effort and heart aching struggle? Nothing.

You think that it’s probably for the best or it was GOD’S will and he has plans, yeah sure that must be it maybe it’ll all just turn into a memory and everything will be alright in future but it hurts anyways.
The time you face at the moment it feels like can never be healed.
No matter how much successful you are, past takes you down on knees.
You don’t seem to find anyway or solution you’re just lost in limbo and the only way out is death.

But maybe it’s too soon to decide that what is and what will be. And all we have to do is just put all our effort in and raise our finger and God will hold that finger and take us to our destiny. But we have to make sure that we put in all our effort and make sure we raise that finger.

And no matter how hard the time is, It’ll pass.
It is always the darkest before the dawn.

And when you’re past it all that matters is where you are.

In the end, It doesn’t even matter”

Capping on,
This is,
Zaid Saleem.


They say that love is the best inspiration to write. I say that with just a little hint of pain it could work as a Hi-Octane fuel. After all what sort of happy person writes. Writing is the sort of crying that leaves marks and is remembered.
In life there comes a time when you even being so expressive can hardly utter words. But then there’s this magical wand called writing. I suppose that it’s your best friend , sure it takes time and requires your attention and is a little high to maintain just like your friends but unlike real people, It never leaves you it doesn’t mind or asks much and you can go hug it whenever you want.
It gives you like a positive way to energy flow.
In my life there have been times when life has left me speechless,shocked and alone.
I have nothing against it but when it takes the energy and will from you the problem is then and there. I mean it’s like stabbing someone and taking away the first aid kit.

I know people like to read and write some ‘senti’ philosophical shit. But i write what i feel what couldn’t be told should be wrote because you have to get it out of your system to keep going and you know what that’s the beauty of writing no one can take that away from you no one can stop your pen and you can write whatever you want and whenever you want because that’s what good friends are for.

Capping on,
This is,
Zaid Saleem.