Life Lines

It is said that,”Friends are the family, you choose”
I suppose I’m lucky enough that my best friends are actually my family.
Sometimes all you need is someone there for you. It’s not necessary if they should be perfect for you or you have the same habits and stuff. Even if you don’t agree on most things or have different opinions.
But as long as there’s love and bond all these things don’t matter.
Because that’s what friendship is like.
No matter how busy they are or where they are as long as there’s friendship nothing matters. You don’t need a psychiatrist or anything all you need is a sitting and hangout with them. You just sit there talking, sharing, bursting out your emotions, frustration and depression. And as soon as you leave the place you’re as light as a new born.
Allhamdulilah I’m blessed with the best.
Even though I was stupid enough that I wanted to deal the most difficult time of my life which was the past few days and weeks and still is actually. Maybe I was underestimating their power or something but I thought that I should not bother them and try to deal this on my own but what I realized after meeting her yesterday was that I’m nothing without them. But all i wanted was to take care of them, I mean they have problems of thier own and she hardly shares them, ofcousre they do this for me but still I should control mine too so that they can deal with theirs easily but All it lead to was depression, hunger and slow death. I realized that sometimes in life one soul is not enough to deal with life’s shit and you need people by your side who know you and whom you know you can count on with your life.
Sometimes you can’t just thank them enough, sometimes thankyou ain’t enough and sometimes you can’t tell them how much you love them enough.
One meeting and it heals it all. You guys sort my shit out better than me. Obviously.
This one’s out to The Amazing Sadaf khala and The Genius Qasim Bhai out of many more.


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