Sometime in life all you need is support and someone on you side, walking with you side by side maybe holding your hand and syncing step by step.
Just walking with you, talking and sharing.
Support is often under rated you know. We don’t realize it’s value and significance until we lose it. It’s much more powerful than we think it’s often said that “One and One makes Eleven”
It’s not necessary that it should be a ‘Lover’ but they should love you.
Let me elaborate what and why I just wrote,

I was home alone today and so was my grandma, she didn’t know that I was at home she thought that she was home alone. Let me tell you something, old age is hard and lonely. Too lonely. Specially In my grandma’s case who has spent her whole life with my grandfather so closely and interdependently and so full of love, and now when he’s gone you can imagine the height of her loneliness.
So even though we never leave her alone at home because of her illness she was forced to believe that she was home alone by the thorns of loneliness in her heart.
I was sitting on the couch when I saw her coming out of her room without the help of her stick that she carry. I was a little surprised that she was walking almost okay without her stick, I mean obviously she wasn’t walking all right as she is quite old and she actually needs a stick.
But as soon as I approached her to help her she didn’t take my hand but she was able to walk better as we accompanied together to the living room talking and laughing.
I started having flashbacks that when ever I escort her to someplace we talk and share and laugh a lot. And even when she’s ill if I go to her and simply talk and make her smile, she starts feeling better.
She didn’t take my hand or support she was walking on her own and it was as if she was walking with support because in her mind she was holding my hand or walking by my support because I assume that in her mind it wasn’t the walking with holding my hand or support perception that had made impact on her memory but actually the laugh, advices and the talking which was actually providing her the support and that’s what she remembered…

-May Allah Bless her with the best of health, she is the love of my life, my biggest supporter,admirer and an amazing ‘Angelic’ human being.
So never underestimate the power of support people, It is far more stronger than you think it is.
Sometimes someone is your support and you don’t know it and you are someone else’s support and both of you don’t know it.
Appreciate it before you lose it or make someone lose yours!

Capping on,
Zaid Saleem.


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