Open Treasure For The Whole World

The following words might not make any sense or rhythm at all but as it says in the last lines so, some things needed to got out and istead of explaining that shit long and on it’s hidden in these words. Sorry for bothering.

You never wore those,
Never Without the arms,
Was it me,
Or do you like it now?

You looked amazing already,
Why that cut?
It wasn’t ready,
For the whole hut.

You were told,
Those beautiful arms,
Hands as gold,
Reminded me of,
Those blissful farms.

Is the meadow open now?
Is everyone allowed to see it?
Did gold lost it’s value now?
Why can everybody envy it?
Is it too late now?
Did Insistence free it?
Is it he now?
Or do you just feel it?

The beauty lies,
In thy hide,
Reveal it wide,
The curiosity dies.


Not Enough

In the end it turns out,
You didn’t value it enough,
You didn’t try hard enough,
You didn’t gave it enough,
You didn’t do enough,
You didn’t say it enough,
You didn’t cry enough,
You didn’t stop it enough,
You didn’t love enough,
In the end it bursts out.

“Those three words I said too much but not enough”
-Chasing cars

The Look

—> Heads up at the end…

I was doing the grocery today.
I turned around it was a classy woman with a goofy man.
I remembered you.
You were a classy woman.
I was a goofy man.
I turned around and looked at her.
She turned around and looked at me.
We shared a look but there was nothing.
Nothing at all.
But that one glance took me into your arms.
That one glance reminded me what I have lost.
That one look made me realize that I’ll never be that goofy again.
I’ll never have a classy woman again.

I’ll never have you again.
In that one look I was stunned. 
My world fell apart.
My eyes stopped to blink.
My heart skipped a beat.
It was as, as I was looking at you.
It was as, as I looked at you the first time.
It was as, as I fell in love with you on the first look.
It was as, as I had the whole world In one look.
It was as, as I lost the whole world in THAT ONE LOOK.
Danm it.
I Imagined you with another man.
I Imagined you with that goofy man.

He had a stupid face my love.
He had a short body my love.
He had an angry attitude my love.
He had a big car key my loss.
He had a big phone my loss.
He had a big wallet my loss.

Let’s forget about the body and the money.

He was scolding that beautiful and classy clone of yours.
I Imagined holding him from his collar and punching his stupid face.
I Imagined stealing you from him.
I remembered the way you spoke.
I remembered the way you moved.
I remembered the way you looked.
I remembered the way you told.
I remembered the way you told me you love me.
I remembered the way you hugged me.
I remembered the way you held my hand and told me it was okay.
I remembered you shopping with me.
I remembered you scolding me
I remembered you apologising to me.
I remembered you making It up to me.
I remembered you STANDING with ME.
But then,
I remembered that one look was over and I was alone standing with me.
(The look with the other lady at the store)
                                         ……and cut.
       –                          –                         –

—So this is sort of a musical and my first fiction, in vignettes filled with lil symphony or poems if you may but the point to mention it was that you can only ‘experience’ it if you read It  in that tone and feel (like some sort of romantic pablo neruda poem narrated by Morgan Freeman) P.s I know this might have some arrangement and other errors but I left them to correct later but then I felt like what I wrote in the flow should be published. —

Capping on,
Zaid Saleem.