Meditation At Butler’s

As I was finding a place to calm and sit down and complete a book a friend had asked me to write. I needed a good place to hangout. A café or something that lets me sit, use their wifi, eat or drink and let me write on my laptop without giving me the ‘looks’.
I landed on this amazing place on M.M Alam Road Lahore, ‘Butlers Chocolate Café’ The reception guy was very generous and helpful, I asked him if I could do my work and he was kind enough to let me sit without even asking me what I’d like to order first or anything. Made me seated and gave me the wifi password without giving me the look.
I ordered after a while, and continued writing my book with earphones in my ears. I disturbed them a lot though asked their password at least 4,5 times but all of the waiters were amazing and they didn’t mind at all. They were quite helful and friendly.
I sat there and wrote for like two hours or more. No looks no one checking up on me nothing. The mocha shake was amazing as well and they give you their free chocltae. Win win situation.
Even though I’m out of my budget as I’m a student and because the prices were quite high but the environment and ambience they provide is totally worth it. They even have a charger socket for your laptop I mean come one 😀
It is by far the best palce. A must go to for all the writers and people who like some meditation time.

Suggestion credits : Mangobaaz.


^Note From The ‘Writer’ ^

Asalam o Alikum
Hello Readers!
You guys might see the use of word ‘sometimes’ quite often now in my blogs,poems and quotes.
That will be because I’ll be using it in dual meaning. The word ‘sometimes’ itself and as my pen name. Sort of addressing my own and failed or disappointed self mockingly.
Since I’m a beginner and not very good at simple writings so I thought I should give a little heads up for the complexed ones.
Thank You
God bless you!

Angel On Earth

People say they have never seen angels. Not only have I seen one but I have spent 20 years of my life with him.
Not only have I lived with him but I have grown up under his hand.
Not only have I grown up under his hand but I have witnessed his greatness, sweetness and absolute selflessness.
Not only have I witnessed this but I have seen his faith tested.
Not only have I seen his Faith but I have seen him stand firm as a mountain.
Not only have I seen him stand firm but I have witnessed his strength.
Not only have I witnessed his strength but I have seen him happy through his high and lows.
Not only have I witnessed him satisfied through thick and thin but I have been amazed by his absolute patience and love

That angel is none other than my very own Father.
Sir Uzair Saleem You beautyyyy!

Music & Passenger


There’s music that simply takes you out of the world,
There’s music that shackles you into memories,
There’s music that helps you get over memories,
There’s music that helps you with your thoughts,
There’s music that makes you forget about everything
and lightens you up
And then there’s music that you simply find beautiful,
The melody, The symphony, The rhythm and The mesmerizing
instruments, simply BEUTIFUL.

What I feel when I listen to passenger, Even though I Don’t listen him quite often but when I do I simply feel absolutely satisfied. Many get me often too close but no one has this many levels.

You start listening and you absolutely love the lyrics, message and philosophy, Then you love the sweet melodious voice singing the lyrics, It reminds you of your memories, It helps you get over them, Then it takes you to the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of his music and you’re stunned and enjoying the music,

And after a while you’re lost in thoughts of your own not consciously listening the song yet it is the one compelling and driving your thoughts. And when you realize that ouh did I just missed the song? I know too much thought on a song but it’s his music that shackled me in my thoughts, couldn’t share all of them but here’s the driving force enjoy people!

“And if we all light up,
We can scare away the dark”

Capping on,
This is,
Zaid Saleem.